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5 tips How to always have perfect hair

How to always have perfect hair

Turns out always having perfect hair is down to preparation and not something you just wake up with. Switching up your routine and picking the right products can be all it takes to make a major difference to your hair. Here’s what you How to always have perfect hair.

How to always have perfect hair

Get a routine

Planning your hair routine in advance is the best way to ensure your hair looks perfect all the time. If you have a busy week then it’s worth figuring out the best evenings/mornings to wash and style your hair. It may sound a bit extra but if you want it to look its best then you’re going to have to make time for it.

Drag out your blow dry

A blow dry is the secret to How to always have perfect hair that lasts, even if you’re not getting it done at the salon. Mastering the at home blow dry will set you up for a few good hair days as it’s a really easy style to maintain. You can ideally drag it out for 2-3 days with a little dry shampoo and minimal touch ups, making it perfect for lazy girls who want their hair to look good.

Keep stocked up with products

Having a stash of dry shampoo, hairspray, serum and bobby pins at all times means even on a bad day you’ll have the tools to fix your hair. It’s also worth picking up travel size versions for touch ups during the day, especially dry shampoo or anti frizz sheets to revive your locks.

Let your hair cool after styling

Letting your hair cool properly after styling will make a big difference in the longevity of your look. This is especially true of curls as letting them drop too soon will create loose waves rather than ringlets. To get more out of your styling time pick up a heat proof glove and hold your curl in place after using the tongs to give it more staying power. You can also apply a generous amount of hairspray in the morning to keep everything in place during the day.

Style your extensions in advance

A good tip is to style your extensions before you need to wear them so that it cuts down the time you need to do your single drawn hair. For a quick blend just brush though your hair once they’re all clipped in and curl or single drawn weft skindky straight hair the top layer if you need to.

Get a gloss treatment

Gloss treatments coat your hair to make it look super shiny while taming frizz and flyaways. They’re a semi permanent treatment that smoothes the Vietnam hair shaft and leaves you with way more manageable hair. They only last up to two weeks so it might not be something you do regularly but if you’ve got a busy week coming up then it could be a lifesaver.

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Get regular trims

Hair looks its best when it’s healthy and there’s no amount of styling that will mask split or dry ends. Even if you’re growing it out it’s still important to get regular trims and keep your locks looking super healthy. If you’re someone who’s always in a rush then opt for a blunt cut as crisp ends never fail to look good and it’ll be less upkeep than maintaining layers.

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