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The Simple Ways to restore a beautiful wig for a beautiful new hair

Why should you have hair extensions?

Hair experts recommend: To ensure your hair is healthy, use chemicals on your hair up to 2 times a year. Then she must immediately note 3 Simple ways to restore beautiful wig for a beautiful new hair.

Why should you have hair extensions?

1. How to recover wigs when tangled

  • Wig hair is considered as a girl should always be interested, pampered and gentle so how to troubleshoot the hair. After using the wig, hair will be most tangled products made of artificial silk, if you do not know how to brush the hair will fall out.
  • First, separate each tangled hair by hand to restrict Vietnam hair loss or loss. You always remember the principle of combing and debugging the wig from the bottom up, if going from the top down will make the tail curl more tangled. Debugging also requires patience, so you can not rush. After debuffing, use a light comb, combined with spray to make your hair soft and smooth.
  • Note, brush your hair after each use to limit the tangled hair. Before combing, use spray  water to the hair, divide the Vietnam remy hair extension into small parts and use a comb to brush the wig from the bottom up. Brush, lightly trim the 8 inch weave hair hair to natural wholesale hair and evenly. With meticulousness and patience, she had completed the restoration of the wig when she was disturbed to have a beautiful new wig.
  • Seee more:

Keep Hair Extensions Last Longer

2. How to restore the wig is through the steps as follows:

  • Put the shampoo in the water pot diluted.
  • Give the wig after debugging and smoothing into the pot to soak for 5 to 10 minutes (just soak it without using your hair, because it will mess up the hair).
  • After soaking with shampoo, rinse with water.
  • Continue to drain the diluted pot. Soak your Vietnam hair vendors with shampoo and rinse with water. You should use a special conditioner for wigs with high hair conditioner to help restore hair.
  • After that, the hair is soft and lightly absorbent (do not use your hands to rub the hair).
  • When the hair is dry, about 70% – 80%, comb the hair with a thin comb and spray, leaving the hair dry. Therefore, when the wig restoration is completed on the yarn, she will not be able to recognize the magic “transformation” of the wig again.

3. How to repair wigs when not into the fold

  • Her full wig curly bobbed after a period of using the lock of hair no longer in the fold like the original, then slap is inevitable.
  • Waving hair is very simple:

– Step 1: Before combing your hair, you have to brush your wig to keep the lock of hair straight, not tangled.

– Step 2: Divide the hair into small curls to bend.

– Step 3: Take the split curls, use comb to smooth, use the machine to fold folds, wait for the hair to heat up and then release the hair, lock the hair in the hand. She remembered to wait for her hair to cool off to release, to keep the structure of curls. Do the same with the other lock of hair that has a new hair like.

– Step 4: After finishing the waving, they remember to spray to keep the form of wig.

Restoring your wig is not a problem for you anymore. you can easily do at home to own a beautiful wig like new. Wish you always beautiful with your hair!

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Keep Hair Extensions Last Longer

Why should you have hair extensions?

There are so much keep hair extensions last longer for Women. Now OSCAR HAIR will show you them.

How to Figure Out Your Curl Type?

When you prepare to go to bed, let break clip in hair extension Why should you have hair extensions without your head. This is necessary because they can damage you natural hair. Take them out before bed and store them in their box to make sure you both have a good night’s sleep. Please don’t wear your extensions to the gym either! All the sweat from your head will do them no favours and you’ll also be putting strain on the wefts, so it’s best to avoid working out in them too.See more: How to take care of Vietnamese Straight I tip Hair Extensions

See more: 5 things to know when you have curly hair

Don’t wash them

Hair extensions don’t benefit from the natural oils from your scalp like your own hair does, so you don’t need to wash them anywhere near as often. Most people won’t need to wash their straight i tips hair extensions at all and it’s better to avoid it as you could strip the Reasons to wear Hair Extensions moisture out of the hair if you’re not super careful. If you wear them a lot, have too much product buildup and 100% have to wash them then read our tips here first.

We totally get that you want to keep hair extensions last longer heat style your extensions but changing up your look a few times a day or opting for the highest temperatures on your styling tools will only serve to dry them out. When you do reach for the curling wand, just make sure to use a thermal heat protectant and the lowest temperature setting possible. You’ll probably find that Vietnamese human hair need a lot less heat than your natural hair too, so you don’t need to hold styling tools on for quite as long.

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5 things to know when you have curly hair

things to know when you have curly hair

To keep the curly hair beautiful and not messed up you need to spend more time taking care of it than other hair types. Then, this is some things to know when you have curly hair.

things to know when you have curly hair

1- Use natural mask oil to hair care.

  • Apple cider vinegar natural rinse:
  • The acidity of apple cider vinegar closes and flattens out the hair cuticle, which makes you hair smoother and easier to detangle. Just mix 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and a few drops of lavender oil in a mug of cool water and pour it over your hair after shampooing it. Leave it on for a couple of minutes before rinsing it off with water.
  • Hair masks:
  • Treating your curly hair to a hair mask once a week may seem like a chore to a few, especially when you are already oiling, washing, and conditioning your hair regularly. You could buy a hair mask from a drugstore (make sure to pick one that contains keratin) or DIY one at home (anything with eggs, bananas or yogurt works wonders.)

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  • Oil coconut:
  • The use of coconut oil will keep your Vietnamese hair sticky and smooth silky hair next to it to reduce damage. After you shampoo your wholesale hair a little moisturizing you can rub a small amount of coconut oil on your hair and then let your hair dry naturally. Do where to buy clip in hair extensions online not overuse it because this will sometimes make your hair look like it is dusty oil on your hair.

2- Styling Tools And Products For Curly Hair.

  • Less is more: Be it a serum, gel, mousse, where to buy hair extensions online pomade or leave-in conditioner – try to use as less of the product as possible. Applying too much of any product will weigh your curls down and add buildup on your hair – which you definitely do not want.
  • Satin pillowcase: Cotton pillowcases cause too much friction and can seriously mess up your curls and cause breakage. Satin pillowcases, on the other hand, are smooth and eliminate frizz from your hair.
  • Use a wide toothed comb: Throw out your curly hair brush right away. Yes, I’m serious. Hair brushes do nothing but mess up your curls, rob them of their definition, and make them super frizzy. Use a wide toothed comb instead as it will eliminate all those problems, plus make your detangling process absolutely pain-free.

Above are five  things to know when you have curly hair how to care your  curly human hair extension. Do as what we suggest, we believe you could easily keep your hair extension healthy and beautiful.

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6 ways to take care of hair and recover damaged hair at home

ways to take care of hair and recover damaged hair at home
ways to take care of hair and recover damaged hair at home

When you are fascinated by changing your appearance with modern hairstyles that can make your hair become damaged, tangle and split. How to take care of your hair at home without spending money as well as time in the salon?

  1. Hair conditioner is the most effective way to get rid of damaged hair. Try to incubate the hair for about 15 minutes with the brewing oil or the conditioner and then shampooing at least one time a week, it will bring a positive result. There are some simple Vietnamese hair care tips that you can apply. For example, chrysanthemum oil is used to glaze your hair. Coconut oil can make your hair become smoother. To own a strong hair, Geranium is the best choice. Argan oil contains of moisture ingredients that is perfect match with your hair.

  1. Baking soda

When you take care of your hair Reasons wear Hair Extensions at home, you can apply a variety of new ways to do it. Using baking soda is a typical example. Sodium bicarbonate in soda is a special detergent that can gently remove redundant oil and take away sedimentation on hair products. You need only pour one tablespoon of baking soda when shampooing and pay attention to the top of hair extensions . Finally, using your fingers to massage it lightly and then washing your hair by clean water.

  1. Olive oil

To care for your hair at home, you must own Why should you have hair extensions online an olive oil bottle. This way is quite simple. You just heat a tablespoon of oil in the microwave for 10 to 15 seconds and then put it on hair, incubate for 20 minutes and wash it. Your hair will become shiny, easy to stick and soon recover in a short time by this way. Especially for those wholesale hair want to improve the length of the hair, olive oil is also a perfect choice

See more: How to care Tape in Vietnamese Human Hair Extension

  1. Apple cider vinegar

When you use apple cider vinegar to make your hair healthy, this means that the amount of acetic acid in the ingredient will help to wipe off chemical residues and redundant oils. Mix two tablespoons of vinegar with one cup of water and use it as a conditioner. With this hair care method, it not only cleans the dandruff but also reduces the risk of tangle and split.

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How to care Tape in Vietnamese Human Hair Extension

how to care your Tape in Vietnamese Human Hair Extension

We have a variety of hair styles to help you with a variety of styles and a particular type of that is Tape in human hair extension. So, how to care your Tape in Vietnamese Human Hair Extension?

how to care your Tape in Vietnamese Human Hair Extension
  1. Choose the right product
  • If you have loss hair regularly, the advice is not to use this type of hair because it will make your hair naturally worse. If you don’t know which type of hair extensions to choose, you can contact Oscarhair  experts for best advice.
  • Before applying straight tape hair extensions, it’s very important to thoroughly clean your hair and remove oil with a clarifying shampoo. Normally a portion of our hair can be used for 4 to 5 months but some customers indicate that they can keep more than that.
  • We advise you not to hold your hair for too long because it will hurt your natural hair. When you have the need to remove the Vietnamese hair extension is better then you go to the hairdressers and the help of professional hairdressers.
  • After removing your old hair, you can ask your hairdresser to apply a new hairstyle. We recommend that you wait 48 hours for shampoo and you can keep your hair longer.
  1. Brush your tape hair every day
  • For where to buy clip in hair extensions , combing your hair is an extremely important step . You should brush with a thin comb and gently brush to avoid scissors tilt the extension of the hair, you should apply this before shampooing.
  • When you brush, hold the roots of your where to buy hair extensions online so that you don’t pull on the bonds. You also have to remember to never brush the hair extensions while they’re wet; you have to thoroughly dry them before brushing.
  1. Wash Your tape-in Extensions right way
  • You should wash at least 2 times a week, when you wash your hair you should  gently brush. Moreover, when you’re using conditioner, avoid conditioner on and around the tape hair because this will cause slipping.
  • Don’t use products contain alcohol, ethanol, or oil, because they will damage your hair extensions and adhesive. Inconclusion , using too much Vietnam hair product will do no good to your hair and sometimes it will cause tangle and not smooth
  1. Avoid wetting adhesive tape-in

– After you have washed your hair well, you should keep it dry before sleep. You can use the dryer to dry them faster, but it is better to use moderate heat to avoid excessive heat to adversely affect the hair.

  1. Note when styling your hair
  • When styling your hair you should use tools with low heat to prevent direct damage to your hair. In addition, the use of high heat will cause the time to use of the hair shortened and not maintain the smoothness as before.

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Above are five tips on how to care your   tape in human hair extension. Do as what we suggest, we believe you could easily keep your hair extension healthy and beautiful.

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Method How to take care of curly hair?

How to take care of curly hair

For both women and girls, it is so pleased when they own a natural beautiful hair out there. But owning a curly hair, it means that you should have special considerations when you wash it. So How to take care of curly hair?

  1. Not to over wash it

Generally, weft curly hair tends to be dryer than weft straight hair. For many persons, they often think that it’s better for their hair if they often wash it. Nevertheless, it will take away the cuticle layer and protein that cover the hair and your scalp. In addition, washing hair too frequently that can make your hair become faded and coarser. Because curly hair is often tangled after washing you need to brush it lightly so as not to damage your hair. However, it depends on your texture of hair and your How to take care of curly hair skin.2

Regular washing by conditioner

This means that you should only use the conditioner when bathing without shampoo. This is very essential for curly hair because it needs more moisture than normal wholesale hair. You’d better read carefully with the ingredients before choosing the Reasons to wear Hair Extensions conditioner. Products which end with “one”, are silicone and should not be used. Do not use silicone products because it is not good for hair.

After using conditioner, try to feel your hair. If your single drawn hair is spongy, it means you might have used a lot of conditioner. You need only use a large amount of shampoo with the size of a coil

If you have dermatitis, shampooing with conditioner will make your scalp become worse. You’d better see dermatologist about that dermatitis

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  1. Deep moisture when your hair is dry and damaged

Deep moisture is very important to provide the moisture should you have hair extensions for dry and damaged hair. If your hair starts to tangle and dry, let nourish intensive moisture and see results. Put conditioner on your hair before showering. Wear a hat and bath towel the outside and then take a shower. Heat and steam in the bathroom will help keep the moisture in the conditioner. When you finish, clean the conditioner and brush the hair as usual.

  1. Create style for curly hair

Use hair-drier when drying your hair. Attach the heat diffuser to the hair dryer when drying the hair. It limits your hair to heat exposure and makes it easy to style when drying your hair. Make sure that you use heat protection before drying your hair.

Pull hair back. Start drying from the tips of hair and stop at the middle of the head from the hair roots. This will keep your hair thick all day.

Hair dryer should be at low heat. Hair should only be dried twice a week to avoid drying hair too much. Curly hair should be dried naturally.

  1. Use your finger tips and hairbrush to remove tangled hair.

Paddle brush is not suitable for curly hair. Regular brushing can cause split and discoloration. If the hair is tangled, use a thin hairbrush or finger to untangle it. Do not brush from the top of hair. This will break the hair. You should untangle at the ends of the hair and brush upward.  Combing fingers make tangle easier.

To buy more product curly hair of OSCAR HAIR, please contact us by Whatsapp +84936164010 or fanpage OSCAR HAIR for more information.

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Things Women With Great Hair Do Every Day

Things Women with Great Hair

This is Things Women with Great Hair do everyday which you need to know.

1. She avoids heat styling as much as possible.

But let’s be honest, you have to use them sometimes. Michael Dueñas, celebrity hairstylist and founder of Hair Room Service, recommends steam rollers, which are gentle on the hair and do not get overly warm, as they’re heated solely by steam passing through the foam on the roller. But if you absolutely have to use hot tools (blow dryers, curling irons, wands, flat irons, hot rollers) to style your hair, always use a spray-in heat protectant, says Eve Galminche, Arrojo top colorist.

2. She always sleeps on silk.

Silk’s smooth texture won’t rough up your hair cuticle when you sleep the way cotton does, leaving you with smoother hair in return, explains Suave Professionals celebrity stylist Marcus Francis. Fewer frizzy strands in the morning? Now that’s the dream (no pun intended).

3. She keeps her hair clean.

We’re sure you’ve heard a lot about the No-Poo movement (basically not shampooing your hair to preserve your natural oils), but Cristophe Salon Newport Beach owner Scott Fontana urges you to listen to your hair. “As long as women are using quality products, they can benefit from more frequent washing,” he explains. “It reduces split ends, provides great moisture, and gives hair an overall clean and shiny look.”

4. She doesn’t skimp on moisturizer.

The skin that makes up your scalp needs moisture just like the skin on your face does, especially if it’s going to provide a healthy foundation for hair extensions to grow, explains Riawna Capri of CLEAR Scalp & Hair. She adds: “A general rule of thumb is to condition every time you shampoo.”

But the moisturizing doesn’t end once you leave the shower. Even if you’re not heat-styling your hair, you should comb through a protective product, says Oribe Hair Care stylist Adam Livermore. It can reduce frizz, dryness, and split ends, and even protect your color!

5. She stays loyal.

It’s a common misconception that switching up your hair care brands keeps your hair healthier because it never gets time to adapt, but experts disagree. Instead, they suggest finding what works for you and sticking with it. Remember: Your hair doesn’t know the difference. And while it’s perfectly fine to change things up when searching for that perfect combination that leaves you with killer strands — once you find it, don’t let it go.

6. She eats the right foods.

For all the attention we pay to the hair follicle once it leaves the scalp, half the battle for beautiful Vietnam hair is already lost (or won) by what you’re putting in your body every day. According to Dr. Robert Dorin, New York City-board certified diplomat of the American Board of Hair Restoration, what you eat plays a huge role in gloss, growth, and volume.

“A diet rich in iron, zinc, Omega-3 fatty acids, and protein will help stimulate your hair follicles for growth.” Dorin recommends alternating between lean red meat, chicken, and fish during the week for optimum hair health.

7. She takes her vitamins.

Even if your diet is impeccable, it’s possible you’re missing out on some crucial hair-boosting vitamins. Not sure if you need them? Dr. Frank Lipman, founder of Eleven Eleven Wellness Center, says the answer is in how healthy (or not-so-healthy) your skin and nails look. For example, if your fingernails are ridging and/or if you have dry, flaky skin, chances are your hair is crying out for help, too. But that’s easy to reverse: Once you start taking the right combo of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and herbs, you can get fuller, shinier, and stronger hair in just a few months. Bonus: Your nails and skin will also benefit.

8. She limits her time in the sun.

You see the damage that a day without sun protection does to your skin, but even though your hair suffers just as much, it can be harder to tell. To prevent sun damage, Rik Rak Master Stylist Marcelo suggests applying a leave-in conditioner at least every other day. Careful application from mid-shaft to the ends of hair can combat damage from the summer big three — UV rays, wind, and saltwater.

And if you’re headed to the beach where the heat will be coming at you from all directions, spritz a generous application of heat protectant with SPF onto damp hair before going out, followed by a reapplication after swims — same as you would do for your skin.

9. She steers clear of snarls.

Before you go ripping a comb through your strands, think about what you’re doing — and be gentle. Use a wide-toothed comb for particularly tangled locks, and always brush your hair from bottom to top to avoid creating more knots and snarls.

10. She gets regular trims — even when growing out her hair.

You might be tempted to skip seasonal trims when growing out your hair, but to add healthy length, you actually need to do just the opposite. Meri Kate O’Connor, senior colorist and educator at Eva Scrivo Salon stands firm that a haircut every six to eight weeks is necessary to prevent split ends from forming as the hair cuticle splits.

“When the split goes up the hair shaft, Things Women with Great Hair it becomes so thin that it breaks — that’s when people get breakage.” And once your single drawn hair splits, there’s no way to repair it, so keep it trimmed to prevent harmful breakage before it starts.

11. She keeps it cool in the shower.

When you’re washing your clip in hair extensions, you don’t want the water too hot, warns David Edery, owner of Attitudes Paris Salon in Houston. Excess heat can use clip-in hair extensions for thin hair blast the volume out of your hair, leaving you with limp locks. Instead, opt for warm water — this temperature allows you to work up a nice lather while still staying hot enough to rinse suds clean. And when it comes to the final post-conditioner rinse, the Things Women with Great Hair colder the better. Chilly how to find a hair company water locks in those coveted nutrients into each strand, adding a beautiful, healthy luster.

12. She knows the right amount of product to use — and where to use it.

If you cover your entire head when you shampoo or conditioner, Things Women with Great Hair you’re doing it wrong! Concentrate the shampoo on the first few inches of wholesalehair at the scalp, where you get the most oil and product buildup — your ends don’t need cleansing as much. As for conditioner, work it in from the mid-shaft to the ends where the hair is driest and prone to split ends.

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Those are Things Women With Great Hair Do Every Day. For information please contact us by Whatsapp +84936164010 or fanpage OSCAR HAIR for more informations.

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How to use Hair Extensions Wefts

How to use Hair Extensions Wefts

How to use Hair Extensions Wefts is the problem women need to know.

  1. Attach hair wefts with clips.
  • Measure the desired length of the wefts and cut. Note that you should stop the wefts at least ½ inch away from your hair line for coverage.
  • Sew the clip in hair extensions on each side of the weft. If you are dealing with a very long weft you can attach an extra clip at the center.

How to remove clipped hair wefts:

  • Part your hair to expose the top of the first clip extension for removal. It’s best to start with the clips at the top of your head, and then work your way down.
  • Place your thumbs on both sides on the top of the clip and place your index fingers on both sides underneath where your thumbs are
  • Press your thumbs down while applying pressure outward with your index fingers. The clip will snap open. You’ll want to open all of the clips before removing the extensions for that section
  • Lift the opened clips up and away from your hair. Be gentle so you don’t pull any of your natural hairs out in the process.
  • Repeat the same process for each section of hair with clip extensions
  1. Attach hair wefts with micro rings.
  • Part your hair and place a micro ring onto the hook.
  •  Attach the weft below the part
  • Take a section of the weft and of your own hair and thread them through the micro ri
  • Pinch the micro ring

          How to remove micro ring hair extensions:

You can remove them How to use Hair Extensions Wefts Just remember not to pull if the ring has not released properly. Also, don’t be scared if you lose a bit of hair too. It’s just what has shed whilst you have had your micro rings in.

          3. Attach hair wefts with glue

  • Make a section in your hair where you want to attach your weft.
  •  Cut a hair weft section to the desired leny
  •  Apply glue to the weft and to the hair under section
  •  Attach the weft by pressing it firmly against your scalp.

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One way that you can get the glue bonds out of your hair is with oil. You can choose between almond, olive, or baby oil. After letting the oil sit on the extension for at least 15 minutes, you should be able to comb the loosened bond out of your hair. If it does not work out, you can repeat the process for as many times as necessary.

  • Using Dish Soap

Dish soap is another effective means of removing glue bonds from your hair. Start by taking the dish soap and rubbing it around the glue. To start seeing the results of this method, you will have to let the soap sit for an hour or two. After that has been dealt with, you where to buy clip in hair extensions can start removing the bonds. In order to deal with the remaining soap, just wash your hair out

  • Hair Conditioner

Conditioner is a great multi-use hair product. You have to start with wet hair. After this first rinse, you need to place a generous amount of conditioner onto your hair and then let it sit under a towel for about 20 minutes. From there, you simply rinse the conditioner out and gently comb the remaining glue out of your hair. If it does not come out the first time, then simply repeat the process as many times as necessary.

  • Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is also an excellent choice. Much like with the three previous methods mentioned, you use peanut butter by first applying it to your glue adherents and then letting it sit for 15-30 minutes. Over time, the glue bonds should loosen and allow you pull them off without too much trouble. The key here is making sure that the peanut butter is given enough time to work.

  1. Attach hair wefts by sewing a hair wefts onto a braid.
  • Makes two horizontal sections in your hair, leaving a section of hair loose in between them.
  • Braid this section and secure the braid using a rubber ban.
  •  Thread the curved needle.
  •  Sew the hair weft onto the braid.

How to remove sewed hair wefts:

  • Use a small pair of scissors to carefully cut the threads attached to your hair.
  • Repeat for each section.
  • Then remove the rubber bands that hold together the braids and brush through

To buy more hair extensions of Oscar Hair, please contact Whatsapp +84936164010 or fanpage OSCAR HAIR for more information.

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5 tips How to always have perfect hair

How to always have perfect hair

Turns out always having perfect hair is down to preparation and not something you just wake up with. Switching up your routine and picking the right products can be all it takes to make a major difference to your hair. Here’s what you How to always have perfect hair.

How to always have perfect hair

Get a routine

Planning your hair routine in advance is the best way to ensure your hair looks perfect all the time. If you have a busy week then it’s worth figuring out the best evenings/mornings to wash and style your hair. It may sound a bit extra but if you want it to look its best then you’re going to have to make time for it.

Drag out your blow dry

A blow dry is the secret to How to always have perfect hair that lasts, even if you’re not getting it done at the salon. Mastering the at home blow dry will set you up for a few good hair days as it’s a really easy style to maintain. You can ideally drag it out for 2-3 days with a little dry shampoo and minimal touch ups, making it perfect for lazy girls who want their hair to look good.

Keep stocked up with products

Having a stash of dry shampoo, hairspray, serum and bobby pins at all times means even on a bad day you’ll have the tools to fix your hair. It’s also worth picking up travel size versions for touch ups during the day, especially dry shampoo or anti frizz sheets to revive your locks.

Let your hair cool after styling

Letting your hair cool properly after styling will make a big difference in the longevity of your look. This is especially true of curls as letting them drop too soon will create loose waves rather than ringlets. To get more out of your styling time pick up a heat proof glove and hold your curl in place after using the tongs to give it more staying power. You can also apply a generous amount of hairspray in the morning to keep everything in place during the day.

Style your extensions in advance

A good tip is to style your extensions before you need to wear them so that it cuts down the time you need to do your single drawn hair. For a quick blend just brush though your hair once they’re all clipped in and curl or single drawn weft skindky straight hair the top layer if you need to.

Get a gloss treatment

Gloss treatments coat your hair to make it look super shiny while taming frizz and flyaways. They’re a semi permanent treatment that smoothes the Vietnam hair shaft and leaves you with way more manageable hair. They only last up to two weeks so it might not be something you do regularly but if you’ve got a busy week coming up then it could be a lifesaver.

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Get regular trims

Hair looks its best when it’s healthy and there’s no amount of styling that will mask split or dry ends. Even if you’re growing it out it’s still important to get regular trims and keep your locks looking super healthy. If you’re someone who’s always in a rush then opt for a blunt cut as crisp ends never fail to look good and it’ll be less upkeep than maintaining layers.

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Tips to keep Your Hair Extensions Always Fresh and Soft

Tips to keep Your Hair Extensions Always Fresh and Soft

Hair extension is used to improve this condition to help them more confident in the parties and events. So, it is important that you should care for your hair extensions well to keep it in the long run. If you do not know how to do it, this post will help you because we will show you some tips to keep your extensions always fresh and soft as the day you had it installed.

Tips to keep Your Hair Extensions Always Fresh and Soft

1. Choose the right hairstyle

It is necessary to choose the hair texture that blend with your own hair. Otherwise, it will look so weird when your hair extensions and own hair do not blend together. Therefore, if your own hair is straight, you can choose straight i tip hair extensions in stead of wavy or curly hair. This is a basic step to have glamorous hair that attracts other’s attention.

2.Be gentle with your hair

Because the hair extensions are sewn onto wholesale hair, you have to be gentle when brush or wash your hair. Do not pull your hair and rip the comb through your extensions. If you do not follow this rule, you have to face up to the risk of falling hair. If your extensions have to suffer too much pressure, they may shed easily. Therefore, be nice to your hair to keep it always smooth and healthy.

3. Choose the right heat

Although Vietnam virgin hair is natural and can suffer heat, you should limit it because the more heat appliance you apply, the more damaged your hair is. Therefore, keep your extensions from heat appliance as much as possible. For example, in stead of using blow dryer, you can let your hair dry naturally. This will protect your hair extensions and keep them fresh.

4, Use hair care products

Washing your Vietnam hair extensions is a compulsory step in aftercare routine. However, how to wash hair extensions to keep them in a good condition is even more important. To wash your Vietnam virgin hair extensions correctly, you should use lukewarm water and a mild shampoo. you should wash 2 times a week. It is necessary that you do not turn your double drawn hair upside down while washing, as this can tangle your hair. About applying conditioner, you should remember to apply this treatment over your mid lengths and ends, avoid the roots.

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Above are some tips to keep your Vietnam virgin hair always fresh. Everything needs to be cared well to lengthen the lifespan. If you follow these tips, you can keep your hair extensions in the long run.