18 inches Vietnamese Super Double Twist Curly Hair

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What types of hair extensions you choose for today? A spin may be useful for all of use to randomly choose the hair extension for new day simply because all of them are so beautiful! Today I want to introduce to you a brand-new bundle from Oscarhair:Double Twist curly hair. This is the one of the newest wholesale hair bundle should be in your wish list now!

A week ago I need a special hair extension to upgrade myself for the company’s opening ceremony and luckily, I got notice from the fanpage Oscarhair about this new line of product and I immediately buy this bundle and actually, it didn’t let me down. This new hair product turned on my confidence indeed, can you guess how beautiful it is when combining with a lovely dress? It is worth your each dollar, I swear.

18 inches Vietnamese Super Double Twist Curly Hair

  • How can you identify this Vietnamese Double Drawn Twist Curly Hair?


As usual, it is necessary to let you know some basic information about this bundle. First, this is a double drawn hair bundle which is extremely even finish from top to tip, more than double drawn hair, there’s minimal percent of shorter hair mixture in this bundle owing to painstaking process of careful sorting out, measuring and classifying. Second, this bundle is in twist curly texture that has been very trendy recently. The twist curly hair bundle, different from other curly hair, is divided into some strands, each strand is exactly 18 inches, twists from top to tip and the tightness at the tip of each strand is differently resulting in natural look like your real hair.

  1. Why should Double Drawn Twist Curly Hair in your wishlist now?

First of all, it is important to emphasize the feature of double drawn hair. We can confidently say that double drawn hair has been one of our best of the best product so far due to the high-class quality, no shorter or tangle hair mixed in this bundle. If you are searching for a bundle that can satisfy the most fastidious hairstylist, this bundle is your best answer. The dreamy thick hair like on the TV commercial isn’t out of your reach anymore. When you touch this bundle, not only the superb silky and soft of Vietnamese human hair surprises your hands but also the exceptional thickness will never fail you. It is not overpromising to say that this bundle was born to serve your first-rate beauty.

Second, this curly style  is helpful for you to lead the trend. If classical wavy is fed up with you, but you don’t have time to solve fuzzy in curly hair, let’s go for twist curly hair. Each twisty strand has ability to hypnotize any eyes due to the charming waves. Moreover, because of super double drawn hair, each wave is clear from frizz caused by shorter hair, it is lustrous in no way inferior than straight hair. Under the sunlight or roomlight, this texture support the sheens wicked well so if you are finding hair extension for a night party, you should go for this, to turn on your shine. From my experience, this new texture also help me to upgrade myself so much. I  have a short and straight hair but this length wasn’t my obstacle, because of twist texture, I just only did twist my hair a little bit to make sure the hair extension blend well with my real hair. After a short time to sew this bundle into my head, there’s pretty much no difference between my real hair and my hair extension. Even when I try clip in from this bundle, when I wore off hair extension, there’s minimal tangle but the curl is hold very well, so I don’t have to take care of it frequent.

If you are finding a hair extension with superb quality in exclusive texture, this Double  Twist curly is your great choice. Contact Whatsapp +84936164010 or fanpage OSCAR HAIR now for more information!


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