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The Simple Ways to restore a beautiful wig for a beautiful new hair

Why should you have hair extensions?

Hair experts recommend: To ensure your hair is healthy, use chemicals on your hair up to 2 times a year. Then she must immediately note 3 Simple ways to restore beautiful wig for a beautiful new hair.

Why should you have hair extensions?

1. How to recover wigs when tangled

  • Wig hair is considered as a girl should always be interested, pampered and gentle so how to troubleshoot the hair. After using the wig, hair will be most tangled products made of artificial silk, if you do not know how to brush the hair will fall out.
  • First, separate each tangled hair by hand to restrict Vietnam hair loss or loss. You always remember the principle of combing and debugging the wig from the bottom up, if going from the top down will make the tail curl more tangled. Debugging also requires patience, so you can not rush. After debuffing, use a light comb, combined with spray to make your hair soft and smooth.
  • Note, brush your hair after each use to limit the tangled hair. Before combing, use spray  water to the hair, divide the Vietnam remy hair extension into small parts and use a comb to brush the wig from the bottom up. Brush, lightly trim the 8 inch weave hair hair to natural wholesale hair and evenly. With meticulousness and patience, she had completed the restoration of the wig when she was disturbed to have a beautiful new wig.
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2. How to restore the wig is through the steps as follows:

  • Put the shampoo in the water pot diluted.
  • Give the wig after debugging and smoothing into the pot to soak for 5 to 10 minutes (just soak it without using your hair, because it will mess up the hair).
  • After soaking with shampoo, rinse with water.
  • Continue to drain the diluted pot. Soak your Vietnam hair vendors with shampoo and rinse with water. You should use a special conditioner for wigs with high hair conditioner to help restore hair.
  • After that, the hair is soft and lightly absorbent (do not use your hands to rub the hair).
  • When the hair is dry, about 70% – 80%, comb the hair with a thin comb and spray, leaving the hair dry. Therefore, when the wig restoration is completed on the yarn, she will not be able to recognize the magic “transformation” of the wig again.

3. How to repair wigs when not into the fold

  • Her full wig curly bobbed after a period of using the lock of hair no longer in the fold like the original, then slap is inevitable.
  • Waving hair is very simple:

– Step 1: Before combing your hair, you have to brush your wig to keep the lock of hair straight, not tangled.

– Step 2: Divide the hair into small curls to bend.

– Step 3: Take the split curls, use comb to smooth, use the machine to fold folds, wait for the hair to heat up and then release the hair, lock the hair in the hand. She remembered to wait for her hair to cool off to release, to keep the structure of curls. Do the same with the other lock of hair that has a new hair like.

– Step 4: After finishing the waving, they remember to spray to keep the form of wig.

Restoring your wig is not a problem for you anymore. you can easily do at home to own a beautiful wig like new. Wish you always beautiful with your hair!

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